The Company Core Values are always our driving force that moves us forward


Through constant research, not only of the latest trends but changes present to the industry, we are able to develop new and modern features that will evolve and give your business model the edge.

Client Centric User Experience

Striving to implement features goes a long way, but improving UI and User Flow is the cherry on top for your customers, and we always make sure to provide guides and support for our API implementations.


Developing and supporting multiple systems and services can be hard for any company, especially when facing a large user base, that is why we always aim at optimization and smooth integration.


To ensure quality, long-term partnerships and risk control we rely on being transperant and value the cooperation with all of our current and future business clients to better assist in your product venture.

The advantages of integrating 10n Payments:

  • A single service point for all payment needs of our customers;
  • Access to the wholesale currency market;
  • Entering the European market through Open – API integrations with banking and payment institutions;
  • Entering global markets through direct integration with other payment institutions and e-money companies;
  • А seasoned team with extensive management experience;
  • Augmented services with established partnerships with investment firms and management companies.

Fintech Industry Trends

Fintech companies are increasingly accepted as a more convenient, flexible and inexpensive alternative to commercial banks.  From a regulatory point of view, the European PSD 2 Directive creates a  more favourable environment for fintech companies and facilitates their expansion on European markets, while significantly increasing confidence in the sector by imposing strict regulatory requirements.

The ecosystem in Bulgaria is evolving thanks to the highly qualified IT talent and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Financial services with great potential to be proliferated by Bulgarian fintech companies include, among many, mobile payments, digital wallets and investment robo-advisers. Technologically, the popularity of Near-Field-Communication (NFC) and contactless mobile payments are growing. In addition, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly interested in workflow automation and cloud technologies to facilitate the management of their finances.