Explore the leading Digital Wallet with 10n Payments

A-click-away access to accounts and payment services


Seamless API integration

Scale and tailor the features that suit your product’s vision. Choose your features and we’ll deliver the rest.

Save time and resources and focus on your customers experience, while we provide the automation of features your application needs to shine.

What you get:

  • Wide range of features
  • Plug-n-play APIs
  • Short time-to-market

Multi-currency current accounts

Take advantage of an in-app digital wallet:

• Multiple Current Accounts

Each user will be able to request the opening of multiple current accounts through their mobile application, depending on the currencies. Maintaining accounts in different currencies reduces costs of foreign exchange operations.


Tenen Payments JSC can issue IBANs to be used to execute payment transactions with credit transfers or direct debits to and from payment accounts.

• Multiple Payment Options

Access to BISERA and RINGS for BGN. Access to SEPA for EUR. Access to SWIFT for USD.


Build a community for your business on our instant payment solution


Connect app users through an everyday financial solution

Adopt instant internal transfers that will accommodate a borderless environment for your users.

Reach a wider market with the addition of favorable exchange rates.

Offer to your users an easy way to send and receive payments via their contact list.

Integrate your business in the peoples’ everyday lives.

Create the Digital Wallet people can rely on in their day-to-day life


Quality of life features that go beyond the banking experience

Give your individual customers control over their finances with the fast and convenient Money2Card feature. Provide a hassle-free option for instant funds withdrawals to a card.

Pierce through the market into the daily life or your customers with easier ways to pay and make purchases.

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